Here are some of the most fequently asked questions, anything else, give us a shout at:

How much do you charge?


Our rates start at $200 for maximum of 4 hours. Rates can vary on number of guests, location, if we include a bar and bar back and/or server.

Do you provide alcohol?


Our goal is to save you money so for this reason we don’t provide alcohol in our quotes. Bonita Bartenders can assist you in creating a cost-efficient menu and detailed shopping list of the items need for you given event. If you have trouble finding the items on menu, please notify us immediately to see if we can assist in helping solve the problem.

Do you provide ice?


Yes, we can at extra cost.

Can we have bottles of alcohol at the table to serve ourselves?


No, it’s not recommended due to legal issues. If you want to employ us all alcohol must be served at the bar by us.

What do you bring to events?


Homemade syrups, and other freshly sourced ingredients. Plus all phases of bartending materials.